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The Bay County Sheriff's Office released  information today on three suspicious person calls on October 5, 2016.  All three were at the same location and had used the same synthetic  hallucinogenic narcotic similar to LSD.

Shortly after midnight on October 5th, deputies responded to St. Thomas Square on Thomas Drive,  Panama City Beach, due to a suspicious person call. Deputies arrived to  find a woman acting strange. The woman was able to tell deputies she had used LSD and was having bad side effects. She requested to be taken to a medical facility and EMS transported her to a local hospital.

Two hours later, another call was placed to the BCSO about another suspicious person at  St. Thomas Square. The 911 caller stated the person was rolling around  on the floor and screaming. Deputies responded and found a man  exhibiting this behavior in the parking lot of the nearby Wendy's  restaurant. Suspecting illegal narcotics use, deputies requested EMS  respond. The man was transported to a local hospital.

A few minutes later, another call to the  BCSO reported a third suspicious person, another male, in the stairwell  at St. Thomas Square that was naked and exhibiting similar strange  behavior. Deputies and EMS responded and the man was also taken to a  local hospital.

Further investigation by the Special  Investigations Division of the Bay County Sheriff's Office revealed all  three people used 25I, also known as “NBomb,” a synthetic drug. All three  were released by hospitals the afternoon of the same day. No criminal  charges expected.

"The use of synthetic narcotics is  especially dangerous," Sheriff Tommy Ford said. "Since there are no  guidelines or standards in the manufacturing process each package may  bear the same name but be comprised of completely different chemicals  with a different potency. This comes with devastating consequences for  users of synthetic drugs."

Prepared by R. Corley

Information by Lt. K. Francis

Approved by Sheriff T. Ford


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