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Over the weekend, the Bay County Sheriff's Office responded to numerous vehicle burglaries where a window was  broken to make entry into the vehicle. The suspect or suspects appeared  to be targeting vehicles with purses or other valuables left in plain  sight, in parking lots or gatherings where the vehicles would be parked  for a short period of time.

The burglaries began on the West end of  Panama City Beach, and moved through the county into Panama City, Bayou  George, and Youngstown.

Should anyone have information on the  identity of the suspect in this case, please contact the Bay County  Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division or Crime Stoppers at  785-TIPS.

Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford would like  to remind the public to remove all valuables from their vehicles when  not occupying the vehicle and do not assume those belongings to be safe  just because the vehicle is locked.


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